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 APCOMS-IMEC 2017 is a joint international seminar between The 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Manufacturing Systems and The 3rd International Manufacturing Engineering Conference (APCOMS-iMEC2017)APCOMS-IMEC 2017 is the second-ever collaboration between the Manufacturing Systems Expertise Group – Bandung Institute of Technology (KKSM-ITB) with the Engineering Faculty of Engineering – Universiti Malaysia Pahang (FKP-UMP). In 2017, KKSM-ITB has the opportunity to host and will hold APCOMS-IMEC 2017 at EastParc Hotel, Yogyakarta, 7-8 December 2017.

The seminar will contain a parallel presentation session by inviting the following Keynote Speakers:
1. Ir. Mesdin Kornelis Simarmata, M.Sc
Indonesia Creative Economy Agency, INDONESIA

2. Dr. Zahari Taha, CEng (UK), MIED (UK), FASc
Innovative Manufacturing, Mechatronics & Sports Lab (iMAMS), Universiti Malaysia Pahang, MALAYSIA

3. Dr. Eng. Takashi Irohara, (in the confirmation phase)
Department of Information and Communication and Science, Sophia University, JAPAN.

Seminar topics include (but not exclusively for) Manufacturing Systems, Materials, Manufacturing Processess, Manufacturing Automation. More info can be found on the attached Call for Paper APCOMS-iMEC2017 and seminar website https://apcoms.fti.itb.ac.id/

The limit of abstract income is June 5, 2017. The paper will be selected through a peer-review process involving the APCOMS-IMEC scientific committee. Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings journal IOP Conference Series indexed Scopus.

Through this information, KKSM-ITB invites respectfully the Mothers and Ladies of researchers and practitioners, and students to participate in APCOMS-iMEC 2017. Call for paper information can be forwarded to students / colleagues Ladies and Gentlemen Greetings seminar and thank you.

Source: www.fti.itb.ac.id

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