Dr. Lucia Diawati


Assistant Professor

Email : diawati@yahoo.com
Research Division : Industrial System and Techno-Economics
Field of Interest : 1. System Modeling and Simulation
: 2. Management of Technology
: 3. Industrial Policy Design and Analysis
Education : 1. Doctor (Keio University, Japan)
: 2. Master (Keio University, Japan)
: 3. Bachelor (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)

Key Publications:

  1. Hidayat, Y. A.; Diawati, L.; Anna, I. D.; “Model of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) in the Two Echelon Supply Chain System under Probabilistic Demand and Service Level Constraints”. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Industrial Management (ICIM), Tokyo, 29-31 August 2012, pp. 231-235. (published ISBN 978-7-5124-0885-2).
  2. Sebrina; Diawati, L.; “The Impact of Learning on Assembly Line Capacity (A Case Study of an Indonesia Car Factory)”. Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE ICMIT.
  3. Hidayat, Y.A.; Takahashi K.; Morikawa, K.; Hamada, K.; Diawati, L.; Raja, A.C.A.; “Partner Selection in supplier-buyer relationship with integration of leadtime decisions under demand uncertainty situation”. Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 4, No.1, pp.1-20., 2011
  4. Hidayat, Y.A.; Takahashi K.; Morikawa, K.; Hamada, K.; Diawati, L.; Raja, A.C.A.; “The Application of Periodic Review (R,T) Inventory Policy in Partner Selection under Stochastic Demand and Lead Time”. Asia-Pacific Journal of Industrial Management (APJIM) 2011.