Credits: 2 Course Coordinator:
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Two hour class sessions each week Instructor(s):
Textbook(s) and other supplemental materials 1.      Hoque,A.,1996, First Steps in Academic Writing, New York: Addison Wesley Publishing Company

2.      Oshima, A. and Hoque, A.,1996,Introduction to Academic Writing, New York : Longman

3.      Oshima, A. and Hoque, A., 1999, Writing  Academic English, New York : Longman

4.      Axelrod, R. and Copper, C., 1990,Reading Critically, Writing Well, New York : St. Martin’s Press


Course information Materi ajar meliputi bagaimana membuat kalimat, paragraf dan esai yang terstruktur padu dan runtut
Teaching materials includes how to make sentences, paragraphs and essays are structured unified and coherent

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Required Course
Learning outcomes Mahasiswa mampu menulis laporan akademik dalam bahasa inggris yang sistematis dan menggunakan istilah-istilah bahasa inggris yang tepat
Students are able to prepareacademic writing in English that systematically use proper English terms
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