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Two hour class sessions each week Instructor(s):  
Textbook(s) and other supplemental materials 1.      Philip Kosky et al., 2010, Exploring Engineering : An Introduction to Engineering and Design, Academic Press.

2.      Saeed Moaveni, Engineering Fundamentals, 2011, :An Introduction to Engineering, Cengage Learning.

3.      Holtzapple & Reece, 2003, Foundations of Engineering, McGraw-Hill.


Course information Matakuliah ini memberikan pemahaman terhadap rekayasa dan desain secara lebih mendalam melalui kegiatan proyek dalam kelompok.
This course offer a deeper understanding on engineering and design by means of student group projects.

·         KU1101 Introduction To Engineering and Design I


·         N/A

Required Course
Learning outcomes 1.      Mahasiswa dapat menerapkan tahap‐tahap dalam proses desain

2.      Mahasiswa dapat menjelaskan prinsip‐prinsip sains dan matematika yang diterapkan dalam penyelesaian masalah rekayasa

3.      Mahasiswa dapat menerapkan kaidah proses penyelesaian permasalahan desain rekayasa sederhana

4.      Mahasiswa dapat menerapkan berkerjasama dalam tim

1.      Students are able to apply stages in the design process.

2.      Students are able to explain the principles science and mathematics applied in engineering problem solving.

3.      Students are able to apply the rules in the process of resolving the problems of engineering design simple.

4.      Students are able to work collaboratively on team.


Student Outcomes a b c d e f g h i j k




Lecture/Lab Topics Covered

Week Topics
1 Introduction to Engineering and Design 2
2 Induction on OHSE for experiment
3 Experiment 1 : Anglung
4 Design Anglung
5-6 Experiment 2 : Anglung
7 Final Design and Report Submission
8 Midterm Test
9 Introduction for Pyrolysis Experiment
10 Design Pyrolisis Systems
11-12 Experiment 3 : Simple Pyrolysis
13-15 Presentataion and Submission Report of Pyrolysis Experiment
16 Final Test