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Two-hour class session each week Instructor(s): RY, SKY
Textbook(s) and other supplemental materials 1.      Sipper & Bulfin Jr, 1997, Production Planning, Control, and Integrations, McGraw-Hill, New York.

2.      Bedworth, D.D., & J.E. Bailey, 1987, Integrated Production Control System, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester-England.

3.      Fogarthy, D.W., J.H. Blackstone, & T.R. Hoffmann,1991, Production and Inventory Management, South Western Pub. Co, Tennessee, United States.

4.      Schonberger, R. J, 1982,Japanese Manufacturing Techniques, MacMillan, London, United Kingdom.

5.      Oden, H.W., Langewater G.A., Lucier RA, 1991, Handbook of Material and Capacity Requirement Planning, McGraw- Hill, New York.

Course information Pengertian produksi, manufaktur, sistem manufaktur; Siklus perencanaan dan pengendalian produksi; Metode peramalan; Perencanaan produksi agregat; Penyusunan Jadwal Produksi Induk; Pengendalian persediaan; Perencanaan kebutuhan material; Perencanaan kapasitas; pengendalian lantai pabrik dan penjadwalan; Pengendalian pembelian.
Definition of production, manufacturing, and manufacturing system; production planning and control cycles; forecasting method; aggregate production planning; master production schedule; inventory control; material requirement planning; capacity planning; shop floor control and scheduling; purchasing control.

  • KU1267 Engineering Drawing
  • TI2001 Operational Research I
  • TI2201 Industrial Statistics
  • TI2204 Manufacturing Process

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Required Course
Learning outcomes Mahasiswa mampu membuat jadwal induk produksi dan rencana-rencana rinci kebutuhan material dan kapasitas untuk implementasinya serta mampu melakukan pengendaliannya.
Students are able to create a master production schedule, to plan and control detailed material and capacity requirements for implementation.
Student Outcomes a b c d e f g h i j k


Lecture/Lab Topics Covered

Week Topics
1 Introduction
2 Demand and Forecasting
3 Forecasting Method
4 Master Production Plan Schedulling : Aggregat Production Planning
5 Master Production Plan Schedulling : Dissaggregation
6-7 Inventory Planning and Control
8 Midterm Test
9 Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
10-11 Capacity Requirement Planning
12-13 Production Schedulling
14 Shop Floor and Purchasing Control
15 Assembly Line Design
16 Final Test