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Threehour class session each week Instructor(s): LD, DI
Textbook(s) and other supplemental materials 1.      Montgomery, D.C., 2005, Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, 5nd ed., John Wiley & Sons.

2.      Garvin, D.A, 1989, Managing Quality: The Strategic and Competitive Edge, The Free Press.

Course information Mata kuliah ini membahas tentang pengendalian dan penjaminan mutu, meliputi konsep mutu, manajemen, dan penjaminan mutu; dimensi mutu produk; prinsip pengendalian mutu proses dan rancangan; pengendalian proses secara statistika; perancangan peta kendali mutu dan perbaikan mutu melalui perancangan; implementasi sistem mutu.
This course is dealing with the concept of quality, quality management and assurance, product quality dimension, quality control principle of process and design, statistical process control, design of quality control chart and quality improvement through design; implementation of quality system

  • TI2102 Probabilistic Theory
  • TI2201 Industrial Statistics

  • N/A
Required Course
Learning outcomes Mahasiswa memahami dan mengenali mutu produk, mengendalikan proses produksinya melalui aplikasi peta kendali, dan melakukan perbaikan mutu rancangannya.
To develop an understanding of: Identification of product quality, control the production process through Quality Control Chart, and performing design for quality improvement.
Student Outcomes a b c d e F g h i j k


Lecture/Lab Topics Covered

Week Topics
1 Introduction
2 Quality Management
3 Quality Management Model
4 Problem Solving Approach in Quality Control
5 Process Quality Modelling
6-7 Attribute Quality Control Chart
8 Midterm
9 Variable Control Chart
10 Specific Control Chart
11-12 Attribute Acceptance Sampling
13 Variable Acceptance Sampling
14 Product & Process Design: Design of Experiment
15 Lean Six Sigma
16 Final Exam