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Three-hour class session each week Instructor(s): TMA, RY
Textbook(s) and other supplemental materials 1.      Sipper & Bulfin Jr, 1997, Production Planning, Control, and Integrations, McGraw Hill

2.      Bedworth, D.D., & J.E. Bailey, 1987, Integrated Production Control System,John Wiley & Sons.

3.      Oden, H.W., Langewater G.A., Lucier RA., 1991, Handbook of Material and Capacity Requirement Planning,McGraw Hill.

4.      Fogarthy, D.W., J.H. Blackstone, & T.R. Hafamann.  1991, Production and Inventory Management,Japanese Manufacturing Techniques South Western Pub. Co.

5.      Schonberger, R. J,  1991, Japanese Manufacturing Techniques, Mac milan

Course information Mata kuliah ini membahas tentang Konsep Lean Manufacturing; Sistem produksi tepat waktu; Theory of constraint; Load oriented manufacturing system; Sistem produksi berbasis proyek; Sistem jaringan produksi dan sistem rantai suplai; Enterprise Resource Planning.
This course is dealing with Lean manufacturing concept, Just In Time production system; Theory of Constraint; Load-oriented manufacturing system; Project-based production planning and control; Strategic production network and supply chain system; Enterprise Resource Planning.

  • TI2001 Operational Research I
  • TI3002 Work System Design


Required Course
Learning outcomes Mahasiswa mampu merancang dan mengoperasikan sistem perencanaan dan pengendalian produksi berbasis sistem produksi tepat waktu, theory of constraints, berbasis proyek serta memahami konsep supply chain system dan ERP.
Students are able to design and operate production controlling system based on Just In Time, theory of constraints, supply chain system,and ERP.
Student Outcomes a b c d e f g h i j k

Lecture/Lab Topics Covered

Week Topics
1 Just In Time Production System

·         Background, definition, value added, basic principal.

2 Just In Time Production System

·    Pull System, kanban, Production Smoothing.

3 Theory of Constraint

·    Background, definition, operational performance, financial performance, TOC.

4 Theory of Constraint

·    Manufactur System Background, bottle neck, DBR, OPT Sotware, definition, operational performance, financial performance, TOC.

5 Load OrientedManufacturingSystem
6   Production System Based on Project

·         The defenitions of  Project

·         The making of Network Diagram

·         Critical line with CPM

7  Production System Based on Project

·         PERT

·         Resources scheduling

·         Project management

8 Mid Term
9 Supply Chain System

·    Definition, basic concept, problem in supply chain system, Information systems’role

10 Supply Chain System

·    Transportation  problem and supply chain distribution

11 Strategic Production Network
12 EnterpriseResource Planning
13 LeanManufacturing

·    Definitions, basic concept, scope, lean thinking, tools

14 LeanManufacturing

·    Value stream mapping, flow production, takt time, implementation

15 The design of design and production control system
16 Final Exam