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One hour class session each week Instructor(s): AM
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Course information Praktikum perancangan teknik industri meliputi: pengendalian mutu, pemetaan proses bisnis, perancangan sistem basis data, perancangan organisasi, estimasi biaya, perancangan sistem akuntansi, perancangan sistem pengambilan keputusan.
The industrial engineering practices covers quality control, business process mapping, database system design, organization design, cost estimation, cost accounting system, decision making system design.

·         TI2202 Ergonomics

·         TI3104 Quality Control and Assurance

·         TI3101 Cost Analysis

·         TI3001 Production Planning and Control

·         TI2002 Practicum for Integrated System Design 1

·         TI3003 Practicum for Integrated System Design II

·         TI3007 Practicum for Integrated System Design III


·         TI3005 Organization and Management of Industrial Company

·         TI3202 Production System

Required Course
Learning outcomes Mahasiswa mampu melakukan perancangan tata letak dan sistem manajemen.
Students are able to design facility and management systems.
Student Outcomes a b c d e f g h i j k
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 Lecture/Lab Topics Covered

Week Topics
1 Introduction to Integrated System Design Practice 4
2-4 Material Handling Cost Calculation: Routing, Operation Process Cahrt (OPC), Flow Matrix
5-7 Design of Relationship Diagrams and Block Layout: Area Allocation Diagram (AAD) + Material Hadling Costs, and Activity Relationship Chart ARC) + Material Hadling Costs
8-12 Facility Lauout using  Group Technology: Activity Relationship Chart (ARC), Activity Relationship Diagram (ARD), and Area Allocation Diagram (AAD)
13-15 Cost Estimation and Feasibility Analysis