Concentration Options – Masters Program of Industrial Engineering & Management

  1. Ergonomics and Performance Engineering (EPE)

This specialization studies humans and the ability for designing an integrated system and engineered performance of work system. It includes; physiological, psychological, biomechanical, and sociological aspects in designing and improving man-machine systems and its work environment. This specialization emphasizes on improvement of technology utility, safety, and quality of work environment.

  1. Manufacturing System (MS)

This specialization focuses on design, improvement, implementation, and operation of manufacturing systems and production system network in order to transform customer needs into product design and furthermore to manufacture and assemble final products according to customer demand with high quality, a competitive price, and on time delivery.

  1. Industrial Management (IM)

This specialization focuses on managerial aspects in order to design, improve, install, and operate the integrated system. The specialization involves areas but is not limited to organizational design and development, innovation management, and engineering management.

  1. Enterprise Information System (EIS)

This specialization focuses on design and improvement of enterprise system by utilizing information system and the aspects of decision making processes in the organization to design, improve, and operate an enterprise.

  1. Industrial System and Supply Chain(ISSC)

This specialization focuses on design, improvement, installation, and operation of integrated systems at macro level where the relationship between companies in industrial sector become the object of study.