Faculty Member – Masters Program of Industrial Engineering & Management

Chair of Masters Program in Industrial Engineering & Management, Masters Program in Applied Logistics, Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering & Management:

Dr. Rajesri Govindaraju, S.T., M.T.


Chair of Manufacturing Systems Research Group:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Dradjad Irianto, M.Eng.

Chair of Industrial Management Research Group:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Iman Sudirman, DEA

Chair of Industrial Systems and Techno-Economics Research Group:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Senator Nur Bahagia

Chair of Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety Research Group:

Dr. Ir. Iftikar Zahedi Sutalaksana


Chair of Production System Laboratory:

Ir. Rachmawati Wangsaputra, M.T., Ph.D.

Chair of Work System Engineering and Ergonomics Laboratory:

Ir. Hardianto Iridiastadi, MSIE, Ph.D.

Chair of Information and Decision System Laboratory:

Ir. Leksananto, M.Eng.

Chair of Industrial System Design and Optimization Laboratory:

Dr. Andi Cakravastia Arisaputra Raja, S.T., M.T.

Chair of Innovation and Corporate System Development Laboratory:

Dr. Ir. Budhi Prihartono, DEA

Chair of  Industrial Engineering Design Laboratory and Multimedia Laboratory:

Dr. Wisnu Aribowo, S.T., M.T.

Chair of Engineering Management Laboratory:

Titah Yudhistira, S.T., M.T.


Coordinator of Planning and Budgeting:

Dr. Ir. Anas Ma’ruf, M.T.

Coordinator of Student Affairs:

Khoirul Muslim, S.T., MSIE, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Student Counseling:

Dr. Indryati Sunaryo, M.Sc.

Coordinator of Library:

Dr.Eng. Yosi Agustina Hidayat, S.T., M.T.


No Faculty Name Research Group
1 A.A.S. Manik Mahachandra Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety
2 Abdul Hakim Halim Manufacturing Systems
3 Anas Ma’ruf Manufacturing Systems
4 Andi Cakravastia Arisaputra Raja Industrial Systems and Techno-economics
5 Ari Widyanti Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety
6 Bermawi P. Iskandar Manufacturing Systems
7 Budhi Prihartono Industrial Management
8 Dradjad Irianto Manufacturing Systems
9 Hardianto lridiastadi Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety
10 Hasrini Sari Industrial Management
11 Herman Rahadian Soetisna Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety
12 Iftikar Z. Sutalaksana Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety
13 Iman Sudirman Industrial Management
14 Indryati Sunaryo Industrial Management
15 Isa Setiasyah Toha Manufacturing Systems
16 Iwan Inrawan Wiratmadja Manufacturing Systems
17 Joko Siswanto Industrial Management
18 Kadarsah Suryadi Industrial Management
19 Khoirul Muslim Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety
20 Lucia Diawati Industrial Systems and Techno-economics
21 Mame Slamet Sutoko Industrial Systems and Techno-economics
22 Rachmawati Wangsaputra Manufacturing Systems
23 Rajesri Govindaraju Industrial Systems and Techno-economics
24 Senator Nur Bahagia Industrial Systems and Techno-economics
25 Sukoyo Manufacturing Systems
26 Suprayogi Industrial Systems and Techno-economics
27 T.M.A. Ari Samadhi Manufacturing Systems
28 Tota Simatupang Industrial Systems and Techno-economics
29 Wisnu Aribowo Manufacturing Systems
30 Yassierli Ergonomics, Work Engineering, and Work Safety
31 Yosi Agustina Hidayat Industrial Systems and Techno-economics