Masters Program of Logistics

The development of the Master of Logistics Study Program is the result of the growth of the Industrial Engineering Study Program in order to answer the needs in the logistics field in Indonesia. This program has been held in various lectures both as a compulsory subject as well as elective courses in undergraduate programs starting from the 1993 curriculum. The program is also held as a concentration in the Industrial Engineering and Management Master Program in the 2003 curriculum as Industrial Systems and Supply Chain.

Considering the developments of the global (international) higher education as well as national needs for an effective and efficient logistics system, and also supported by the availability of expertise and existing facilities / laboratories, a Preparation Team was formed for the Master of Logistics Study Program (with chairman Prof. Dr. Ir. Senator Nur Bahagia).

The existence of the Master of Logistics program is intended to answer national industry needs which are expected to produce graduates with ready-to-use skill competencies to solve problems, are knowledgeable to design, analyze, implement and improve the logistics system, and have the ability to carry out managerial functions in coordinating the resources needed in a logistics system. This program is not only needed by the business community and the logistics services industry but also the government as a regulator.