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18 Jun 2019

FMCG Giant E-Commerce Strategy to Stay Ahead

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E-Commerce is a term familiar to our ears. But not many peoples know the meaning of e-commerce. On Friday March 29 2019, students from Industrial Engineering (IE) and Engineering Management (EM) were fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the 2nd Capita Selecta Seminar Series on electronic commerce presented by the speakers from Proctor & Gamble (P & G), one of the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMGC) company in the world.

The session opened with the elaboration by Rene Alexander Wattimena (ITB Alumni of Chemical Engineering class of 2008), who is a Senior Key Account Manager, about the short history of P & G, marketed products, culture & values in the company, and how P & G companies can last for more than 180 years. Students who were participants in the seminar were touched when they watched the P & G campaign about the issue of gender equality and employee inclusiveness which is viral with #LikeAGirl and #WeeSeeEqual hashtags.

Then, Nadia Natalia (ITB alumni of Industrial Engineering class of 2007), P & G Head of E-Commerce, had the opportunity to share about e-commerce applications in their business. The topic was Growing Business by Leveraging Insight in E-Commerce. During the presentation, Nadia discussed the strategy carried out by P & G to understand the e-commerce business climate in Indonesia, from the fundamentals related to site traffic, conversion rates, average order value, to loyalty. She also explained how to utilize a variety of e-commerce known in Indonesia to accelerate the sale of P & G products digitally and provide easy access for all consumers in Indonesia.

The seminar session was closed with a presentation on Climate and Work Experience in P & G by Dina Puspita Sari (ITB alumni of Engineering Physics class of 2014), as Human Resource Associate Manager. Dina’s sharing who went straight to the managerial level shortly after graduation became an inspiration and motivation, especially for final year students. Students also get information about internship opportunities at P & G.

The knowledge gained by students in this session complement the previous topic about e-commerce because this session discussed the strategies of using e-commerce as a means of business acceleration. By participating in this series of seminar & sharing events, it is expected that IE and EM students can get more knowledge and have a passion for life-long learning.


Writer                   : Aditya Parama Setiaboedi

Editor                    : Aldila Rizkiana