Industrial Engineering

Magister Program Industrial Engineering and Management

A Brief About Industrial Engineering and Management - Master Program

This master program of Industrial Engineering & Management (IE&M) is an extension of the Undergraduate Study Program of Industrial Engineering (IE) that was officially established in 1978. IE&M has 5 (five) concentration options, i.e. (1) Manufacturing System, (2) Ergonomic and Performance Engineering, (3) Industrial Management, (4) Enterprise Information System, and (5) Supply Chain and Industrial System. The curriculum of IE&M comprises of 36 credits consisting of 21 credits of required courses and 15 credits of elective courses. All students are obliged to take the required courses and can select elective courses based on their concentration option.

IE&M has two student types, i.e., regular student and fast-track student. Fast-track students are is students from the undergraduate programs of Industrial Engineering (IE) and Engineering Management (EM) of ITB. Before entering to IE&M, each fast-track student takes IE&M’s courses ranging from 6 to 12 credits. Then, after entering to IE&M, these courses are acknowledged.

Currently, IE&M has five dual-degree programs with foreign university partners, i.e., Hiroshima University Japan, National Chiao Tung University Taiwan, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan, Chung Yuan Christian University Taiwan, Ecole des Mines de Nantes France.

Development of Master Program of Industrial Engineering & Management - ITB
Time PeriodDevelopment
1971Industrial engineering was established in the Faculty of Industrial Technology, independent from Mechanical Engineering
1978[:en[As an extension to specialize the subfields of Industrial Engineering, the master program of Industrial Engineering & Management was established

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