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A Brief About Engineering Management - Undergraduate Program

Engineering Management Program of ITB is established in 2010 to answer the need to strength then Indonesian industries through excellence in management of engineering activities, in particular the upper-stream engineering activities which are critical to agility of the industries in adapting to the dynamic changes. Engineering Management in ITB is developed from the Department of Industrial Engineering (academic unit comprised of Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program and Industrial Engineering Graduate Programs) of the Faculty of Industrial Technology of ITB to further specialize each study program role in the technology life cycle.

The Engineering Management Program and Industrial Engineering Program both are undergraduate programs which are complementary each other to accomplish an end-to-end technology life cycle. Both are disciplines that have roots in engineering science and using the same approach, the systems approach. The difference between the programs is on the focus in technology life-cycle, wherein Engineering Management Program is focused more on the engineering stages of an innovation, while Industrial Engineering Program is concentrated more on the stages of production or operation of the innovations.

The Engineering Management Program of ITB underwent several stages before its full establishment.
Time PeriodDevelopment
early 1990'sEngineering Management was introduced in form of an elective courses in the curriculum of Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program
1998It became an option track of Industrial Management within the Department of Industrial Engineering
2005A team was formed in preparation to establish a new study program named Industrial Management
2006In relation to ABET, the term Engineering Management started to be used to refer the study program
2010ITB formally established the Engineering Management Program (later abbreviated as EM-ITB) coordinated under the Faculty of Industrial Technology
2015Engineering Management received accreditation from ABET
2018Up until graduation day of October 2018, Engineering Management has 190 graduates registered in the program

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