Industrial Engineering



ITB Central Library is located not far from Labtek III building. ITB has obtained subscription access to a number of e-journal publishers. This subscription allows computers with IP address registered as ITB IP addresses to access e-journals offered by these publishers from within ITB computer network.

To help the students in accessing variety of journal and e-books through internet, ITB Central Library hosts several internet-based online guide system, as follows:

  1. Provides information about general news and features of the central library. Learn More>>
  2. Search the whole collection of the central library. Learn More>>
  3. Digital Library or E-Library serves as digital library and e-collection respectively.

In addition to the Central Library, the five programs share a local library, located on the fifth floor of the Labtek III building. Students can access the library from Monday to Friday between 09.00 AM and 16.00 PM. The Library holds a collection of text books related to the field of the five programs. Students who want to borrow these books must first register as a member of the library by paying a small fee of IDR 15,000. The Library is also equipped with a few computer terminals, linked to ITB network, that students can use to browse or access the aforementioned e-journals.